Real Events: House Parties

We have been busy catering many house parties this Spring! From birthdays and anniversaries to Spring Solstice, music recitals, and “just because” there is always an excuse to gather friends and family. As we turn the corner into May and June, there will be many weekends of graduation parties to look forward to as well.

Food Stations

For these informal, open house style of events, food stations are the most popular. Food stations are versatile so they can be set up in different rooms of the house to keep guests moving around and mingling with each other.


Use several tables – whether full dining room tables or eclectic side tables – to showcase and separate what you are serving. Use fresh vibrant colors in your food choices and a white back drop to make any room pop!

Keeping your table centered in the room allows for guests to start at either end of the table. Walking around the table can open the flow of traffic and can inspire guests to mingle and stay in the room versus getting food and leaving.

OR have the food accessible from only one side and if you have a limited amount of food selection. This will keep your guests moving through the line and in and out of the room.

Kitchen islands are another great space to use when displaying food! This is where you see the chefs working to create the delicious food you see displayed. Having a chef in the kitchen preparing food is an interactive element that will have kids and adults alike watching and sometimes interacting with the chef.

For a buffet that contains hot chafer items, we like to place a server or a chef on one end of the buffet to open hot chafing dishes, talk about the food on the buffet and answer any questions you and your guests may have. This elevates the experience of your guests and encourages positive interaction between service staff and guests.

Beverage Stations


Food isn’t the only thing you can get creative about displaying for house parties. You can display beverages in much the same manner! The kitchen is the best place to set up your beverages. Kitchen floors make it easy to clean up spills and make it easy for restocking the beverages. If you have an open floor plan, the kitchen can also serve as the central hub for visiting and hanging out and on a cool day who wouldn’t want to be near the coffee and dessert?

Using the kitchen table allows for a larger set up of beverages and for guests to access the beverages from many different angles. By pushing the table up against a wall we were able to create more space for guests to move around and feel comfortable visiting in the space even while our catering team works.

Dessert Stations

A hot cup of coffee wouldn’t be the same without dessert being nearby. For this house party we used a side table to display the dessert just a few steps away from the beverage station. We used the natural beauty of the table and the décor to accent the desserts. An assortment of miniature desserts is a great way to keep the conversation going and stay where the action is. Once guests find their favorite dessert it is hard to stay away.


No matter how large or small the celebration, house parties are a great way to use tables and different rooms for showcasing food and beverage with different angles to allow for a certain flow of traffic or to add a splash of color to your room. The possibilities are endless!


Photography Credits:

Non-Cell Phone Images above by Jeannine Marie Photography