Recipe: Chili-Lime Grilled Tiger Shrimp

+++++++++++++++++Chili-Lime Grilled Tiger Shrimp with Avocado Cocktail Sauce
+++++++++++++..++++++++++*Served in Margarita, Martini or Wine Glass

Serves 8

This shrimp cocktail has a beautiful presentation for any occasion. The spiciness of the shrimp and the rich creaminess of the avocado complement one another. The contrasting citrus acidity of the tomato balances the flavor bringing harmony to the dish.

5 LimesCilantro-limes-and-avocados
4 Ripe Avocados
1 oz. Cilantro
1 – 15.5oz Can Crushed Tomatoes
1 Tbsp. Prepared Horseradish Sauce
1 Tbsp. Worcestershire Sauce
1½ lbs. Raw Tiger Shrimp (approx. 16-20)
1/3 Cup Sriracha Chili Sauce
2 Cloves Minced Garlic
Salt and Pepper

Cocktail Sauce

Cut one lime in half. Slice the avocados in half, remove pits, and score each side in crosshatch pattern, slicing down to the skin, but not penetrating it. Immediately squeeze the lime juice onto cut avocado so that the lime’s acidity will stop the browning process of the avocados. Using a spoon, remove the fruit from avocados and place it into a small mixing bowl. Mince the fresh cilantro and add to avocados. Add tomatoes, horseradish, and Worcestershire sauce. Mix well. Salt and pepper the mixture to taste. Then cover and store in refrigerator for at least one hour before service.

**This sauce can be made up to one day in advance.


In small mixing bowl, mix together Sriracha sauce, the juice of 3 fresh limes (no seeds), and the minced garlic. Stir this marinade with the raw shrimp and season all with salt and pepper. Let shrimp marinade for 15 to 20 minutes before cooking.

Preheat grill to high. Place marinated shrimp on grill and cook for 2 to 3 minutes on each side, or until shrimp is firm and cooked through. Remove from grill and let cool to room temperature before service.

To Serve: Pour cocktail sauce evenly between 8 glasses (Margarita, Martini, or Wine). Then place three shrimp in each glass. Slice the remaining lime into 8 wedges and use as a garnish on each glass.