Holiday Party Planning

Three Sons Signature Cuisine can help plan your holiday party! Our experienced Event Consultants, Event Coordinators, and Chefs can help you plan and execute the perfect event to please all of your guests. Best of all, we are your one-stop for party planning. Whether it’s an office party or a party for family and friends, we can help you:

  1. Choose the Right Location
    • Office Locations
    • Residence
    • Off-site Locations
    • Blaisdell Manor
    • or choose from 100’s of other locations – let us share our insight
  2. Choose your party style and menu
    • Sit Down Dinner
    • Cocktail Hour
    • Food Stations (maybe hire the Chef for Performance Food Station!)
    • Butler Passed Hors d’ouevres
    • Dessert Gathering
    • Progressive Dinners
  3. Set your Event Timeline
    • What time should the doors open?
    • What time should the entertainment start?
    • When should we serve the food?
    • How long should I expect people to stay?

Three Sons Signature Cuisine has a wide selection of vendors with whom we have created many of these events over the years. We can help you select the theme or put you in touch with the right vendors to make your event perfect!

Hot Chafer Holiday Option
Hot Chafer Lunch Option*
Hot Chafer Dinner Option*
By Design Menu Planning

*Includes disposable napkins, plates, and flat ware